What we put in our body matters. This is why our philosophy is simple, be good to your body. When elixir was established in 1999 the objective was to introduce to market a true premium and all natural smoothie of the highest order. Freshly squeezed and pressed juices made to order were soon to follow. This vision has expanded over the years to introduce cutting edge supplements and boosters to add to these delicious drinks as well as to integrate a healthy food offering with gluten and dairy free options.

Today Elixirs pre bottled juice program fills open display fridges at its store locations and its ever popular and purpose built juice cleanse program allows customers to experience the benefits of body reorientation. Not only does your stomach become more alkaline, the stomach contracts and the digestive system experiences a fresh start. Adherence to juicing and periodic cleanses aids the liver in ridding itself of chemical and toxic overload, and eliminates these harmful elements out of the bloodstream. In time deep tissue cleansing occurs and further harmful matter and debris are flushed from the kidneys. The elimination of poor diet and foods for a day or several days is not a panacea and can cause some discomfort but the benefits of freeing up the Vital Force within our bodies and giving our digestive process some relief has abundant benefits.

Whether you come by for a fresh pressed fatigue fighter juice before your run in central park to help boost your endurance while lowering your blood pressure, or you come by for a beta bee smoothie made with fresh pressed carrot juice, strawberries, and bee pollen to help with your asthma and aid you in getting over that cold you'll know that you are only putting pure goodness in your body from elixir.

As with all of our offerings we always attend to the smallest details in our selection, preparation, and execution of our offerings while providing a consistent quality product. This includes ensuring our ever evolving recipes have well balanced flavor profiles that are easily palatable for everyone making the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables easy to enjoy. Our juices are never pasteurized or flash pasteurized which kills the live enzymes, minerals, and vitamins taking away all the goodness from your juice. Unlike many of our competitors our smoothies have no fillers, purees, ice, sorbet, ice cream, frozen yogurt and no unhealthy sweeteners. Just 100% pure fruits and natural supplements such as echinacea to aid in boosting your immune system, lecithin to help lower your blood pressure and assist in clearing up cellulite and acne, and liquid bases such as fresh pressed juices, rice milk, soy milk, and coconut water.

We look forward to seeing you come in today so you can experience the goodness that comes from drinking an elixir juice or smoothie!
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