Elixir Juice Bar in 2012
Elixir expands with several new locations and by mid-year is up to 15+ locations in the NYC metro area, including adding several retail locations along with operating numerous Juice Bar Cafe's like the prestigious Mercedes House in Manhattan.

Elixir continues to weigh opportunities to expand this upscale premium brand into other major markets through investor partnerships as well as company owned and operated locations. Inquiries from interested parties looking for business opportunities may visit our Contact Us page to submit an inquiry.

Elixir Juice Bar in 2004
Elixir forms a partnership with Equinox Fitness to establish and operate Elixir Juice Bars in Equinox Fitness facilities in NYC, CT, and Los Angeles.
Elixir Juice Bar in 2002
Elixir opens its second location on the second floor of the prestigious World Financial Center in downtown Manhattan where it still is today.
Elixir Juice Bar in 2011
Elixir opens up 7 more in Manhattan and Fairfield County Connecticut. Jon Shepard buys out business partner in 2011.
Elixir Juice Bar in 2010
Elixir changes ownerships hands beginning of 2010. Jon Shepard, having spent a 25 year career successfully starting up and building businesses in the fitness industry and a lifelong health food advocate, purchases business assets and several locations from the founder with a business partner, due
in part to what he feels is the healthiest best tasting premium smoothie made in America! No additives, all natural, no dairy, no syrups, ice nor artificial sweeteners like sorbet or yogurt used in competitors' products. Jon and his business partner introduce a new line of healthy food options including salads, wraps, delicious sides that are hits like quinoa, barley, spa chicken and protein packs.

Elixir takes its successful recipes developed by nutritionists of ready to press fresh juices and starts bottling and selling them at Elixir locations as well as continuing to provide ready to serve options at its Juice Bars. With input from nutritionists, dieticians, along with health and wellness experts, Elixir designs and starts offering its highly sought after 1, 3, and 5 day Juice Cleanse program by the end of 2010

Elixir Juice Bar in 1999
Elixir Juice Bar opened its first store in the West Village of New York City.
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